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Produce upgrades of your drones, earn points, fight bosses, set records and compete with the whole world! Buy shells and guns for points received in battles. Go farther and farther, meet the new bosses, give them a rebuff and show who is better to all your opponents in the table of records! The speed of your drones is constantly increasing, the complexity is increasing and the reaction is required more and more. Check it and destroy everyone in its path! Fly over the buildings and have time to blow up the turrets. If there are too many opponents, then use homing missiles and they will save your drone more than once from death. Pick up bonuses and destroy all with redoubled might. Or defend your robot in impossible situations with the help of an impenetrable field. All this is new to 2017. Come in and play the War of Droids!

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War Droids 0.726

Date Updated : 2019-09-09