PlantNet Plant Identification

Star Walk 2 Free - Identify Stars in the Sky Map

ELSA Speak: English Accent Coach


Yandex.Translate – offline translator & dictionary


Learn Portuguese words with Smart-Teacher

Learn Dutch words (Nederlands) with Smart-Teacher

Learn Bengali words (Bangla) with Smart-Teacher

Learn Arabic words with Smart-Teacher

Learn Ukrainian words with Smart-Teacher

Learn Russian words with Smart-Teacher

Pascal N-IDE - Editor And Compiler - Programming

Mango Languages: Personalized Language Learning

Plantix - grow smart

Filipino-English Dictionary

Learn French with MosaLingua

Elements Periodic Table


World map

PaperDraw:Paint Draw Sketchbook

CEH v9 - Ethical Hacking Certification 312-50

WordBit Inglés (pantalla bloqueada)


Mimo: Learn to Code

School Planner

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

Drops: Learn 31 new languages


Aprender a leer y escribir

Human Anatomy Atlas 2019: Complete 3D Human Body

Lumosity: #1 Brain Games & Cognitive Training App

Sago Mini Space Explorer

Learn Italian free for beginners: kids & adults

Fairy Tale Cards PRO

ABC Flashcards for Kids V2 PRO

Surah Yasin

Dcoder, Compiler IDE :Code & Programming on mobile

Sago Mini Bug Builder

Subtract Fractions Trainer

Sago Mini Toolbox

NeuroNation - Brain Training & Brain Games

World Map Atlas 2019

Clés de forêt

Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free

Learn IT & Cyber Security Free

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