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Tell your device what you need just by using your voice with this entirely handsfree app. Sometimes you need to get an information but can’t search it on your mobile phone because you’re either driving, or are in any other complicated situation. If you usually experience this issue, you should download Voice Actions for Android. This app allows you to use only your voice to search and navigate your phone without having to hold it and type in your search. This allows you to not only search for things on your phone, but also on the internet, such as useful information and directions to a nearby location. Voice Actions is specially useful when you’re driving and you need to make a call, get directions or read a message but can’t stop the vehicle at the time. You simply need to ask for your phone to call a contact on your phone, say where you want directions to, ask for it to read your latest message out loud or for suggestions on nearby restaurants, shops, gas station or other useful point. Never get lost again because you can’t use your phone and don’t wait until you’re stopped to answer that important work email as you can use Voice Actions to read the email and then dictate your response and send it right away. Download the app now, but please note that currently it’s only available in US English.

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Voice Search 3.0.1

Date Updated : 2020-03-21