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Date Updated2021-03-07
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SKYTURNS - ALL ABOUT SPEED AND FLOW Skyturns platformer is a platform game about speed, flow, physics and problem solving. You control the stickman’s speed and movement as he runs and jumps on colorful paths in the sky, in a race against time. + A simple yet advanced platform game + Speed, flow and problem solving + Race against time + Catch the flag - reach the goal DYNAMIC PHYSICS AND MANY LEVELS The Skyturns physics continuously adapt to your gaming style, allowing you to reach extremely high speeds and jumps. Skyturns offers 70+ unique levels in varying arcade styles and levels of difficulty, with no ads between levels. Skyturns is a free download arcade platform game and can be enjoyed offline. + Advanced gaming physics + 70+ Unique platformer levels + 6 Levels of difficulty from easy to insane + Free download, offline gaming CREATE LEVELS The Skyturns platform game comes with a user-friendly level editor which can be accessed in the app or in your web browser. Submit your best platformer levels and get them published in-game, or why not share your platformer levels with friends! + Create new platformer levels with the editor + Share your levels in the Skyturns Platform Game Community + Get your platformer levels published in-game COLLECT MUSHROOMS Mushrooms is the indie game Skyturns platformer currency, for which you can buy parkour outfits and gear for your stickman runner. The more you play, the more mushrooms you will collect. + Collect Mushrooms + Buy cloaks, shoes, hats and other parkour items + Style your stickman to your own taste THE SKYTURNS PLATFORM GAMES COMMUNITY We love to interact with Skyturns platformer players. We are a friendly following of Skyturns platform games indie enthusiasts, and you are welcome to join us! You can find us here: + Discord + YouTube + Instagram WE LOVE PLATFORM GAMES

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Two new Mushi Worlds in a whole new setup! With Mushi Music! 2.3.1: Small fixes with mushi worlds 2.3.2: Now with ads! Buy a Mushi World ;) 2.3.3: Small ad fixes 2.3.4: Updated level order and small fixes

Latest Version (Download)

Skyturns Platformer – Arcade Platform Game 2.3.4

Date Updated : 2021-03-07