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There are about 8,000,000 000 of us on the Earth and each of us is unique in own way. Statistic data lets you to know: How many peoples live in cities? Cats or dogs what people like more? How many people have your height and weight? How many people with brown eyes and how many of them are curly? There are many others interesting data in Quotex. How many allergic people live on Earth and how many of them suffer from flat feet or myopia? What do people prefer to drink coffee or tea? How much alcohol is consumed? Your answers on these questions have been analyzed by statistic method to provide you common world statistic view. You can answer yourself “Who am I?” after testing and to know how many people like you live on our planet. How's your self-esteem? Are you feeling that you only simple member of huge crowd only? In this case it is very difficult to you will be believed that each in accordance with statements of geneticists has unique DNA. But statistical data and Theory of probability will prove that you are really unique. If you want to have fun with your friends, check them out too by Quotex test... Well, who is the most unique?

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1) Extended statistics adding; 2) General fixes;

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