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MilChat is a truly secure messenger. You may use it on your tablet or smartphone. MilChat ‘s advantages: • Guaranteed high level of personal data protection. • Lack of paid advertising content. • It’s impossible to identify a person by a mobile phone number. Registration is via e-mail only. • Can be used for corporate purposes, based on the servers of the customer. Try the messenger! Help us make our application the best! Everyone deserves the absolute secrecy of his texting! About security * End-to-end traffic encryption using a complex method that combines Double Ratchet, prekeys, Tripple Diffie-Hellman (3-DH) handshake with Curve25519, AES-256, and HMAC-SHA256 as cryptographic primitives * Storing local data as an encrypted database * The function of emergency deletion of personal data from the device * Obfuscation of program code * Register new users by email

What's New

Added: - Select multiple offline maps with selection of display priority - History of changes in the private layer - Contact ID in the "Account details" section - Adding members and administrators to the "Group Chat" Improved: - Displaying offline maps immediately after connecting them in the settings - Design a contact and chat window for sending geolocation - Server storage limit Fixed: - Group nickname display in group chat - Nickname search in the list of layer administrators

Latest Version (Download)

MilChat 1.7.5

Date Updated : 2021-02-23