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Enjoy peace of mind knowing your family is safer wherever the road takes them.

Hum is a Connected Car and Family Location solution that allows you to stay connected to those you care most about, no matter how far apart you are. With Hum, you can: Use the Hum app to locate your family using your phone’s location, in “Groups”, which are only visible to those who have opted to share location within the “Group”. View real-time location of your family in your private group Receive real-time push notifications when family arrive or leave destinations through “Groups” Accept or Deny requests to join a “Group” Manage your sharing preferences across Individuals and “Groups” at any time *Privacy of your family is a top concern for us, reveal your location only to people you trust You can use the Hum App on its own to get life safety tools like phone-based crash response, roadside assistance, find cheap gas near you, share your phone’s location with family and get notified when they reach a location. Or, add a Hum Device and get more features like Auto Health, Vehicle Location, Vehicle based Crash Response, Pinpoint Roadside Assistance, and so much more. To get the most from the Hum App, visit to purchase a Hum+ or HumX System. Hablas español? Enjoy all of Hum's features, services, and customer support in Spanish. Find the Hum that’s best for you: Hum Essentials Enroll in a free 30-day trial of Hum Essentials. Enjoy on-the-go safety essentials, no matter what car you’re in, including phone-based Crash Response and Roadside Assistance. At the end of your trial, you can continue to access your Safety Score, share your phone’s location with family and have access to Navigation and Local & Travel Discounts. Hum+ Get Hum Essentials features, plus Vehicle Diagnostics, Speed & Boundary Alerts, Vehicle Location, access to a Mechanics Hotline and more. HumX Get the Hum+ features, plus a 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot for up to 10 devices, as well as a Bluetooth Speaker for access to help at the push of a button and the NumberShare feature that allows you to call three of your favorite numbers without using your phone. Phone Location Permissions: Phone Location tracking may be turned on or off at any point while using the App for the following features: Location Sharing, Safety Score and Gas Finder In order to ensure an optimal experience, choose “Always Allow” for Location Permissions. Hum uses your phone’s location and activity sensors to track your activity to provide a Safety Score. To disable tracking of your activity, disable Safety Score in the Menu > Safety Score > Settings. If Safety Score is disabled, we may continue to use your phone’s location for other features such as Crash Response. To turn off completely, go to your mobile phone settings and disable location. Choose to enable or disable phone’s location with other Hum users *Verizon Wireless data plan required for HumX. Verizon Wi-Fi available on select devices. Data usage applies. Coverage not available everywhere; see for details. For more information about Hum’s Privacy Policy: For more information about Hum’s Terms of Use: For more information about Hum’s Terms of Service: CONNECT: Website: Buy: Facebook: Twitter: @verizon Call: 1-800-906-2501

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Thanks for using Hum! We hope you enjoy our latest version that includes: * Minor bug fixes and enhancements. * Fuel Analytics Enhancements

Latest Version (Download)

Hum Family Locator, Roadside Help, Driver Safety 6.112.1946.57

Date Updated : 2021-02-18