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Electric Scooter - Transportation for a healthier planet

Frog is on a mission to shape the future of shared micro-mobility, helping communities truly connect and Leap Forward™ toward a sustainable future. Rooted in the cities we serve and working in partnership with community leaders and riders, we believe in deploying only the highest quality products and building a culture that connects us to one another creating a cleaner, safer, more sustainable planet. How to Frog: 1. Download Frog App 2. Create your Frog Account 3. Find a nearby Frog and Scan QR Code to Unlock 4. Ride Safely - Always Wear a Helmet, Follow Local Traffic Laws and Ride Where Permitted 5. Park Responsibly - Park your Frog out of the way of foot traffic and avoiding prohibited parking areas BRING FROG TO YOUR CITY! Transportation for a Healthier Planet With more than 10 years experience launching mobility solutions, Frog is committed to providing your community with high quality, reliable, turnkey, modes of transportation. *Frog improves public transportation accessibility by solving the first and last-mile problem where residents and visitors have limited means for connecting to public transit without walking or driving. *Frog reduces the number of vehicles on the road easing the burden of peak-hour commutes, traffic congestion, parking difficulties and travel time. *Frogs are available on demand and provide an affordable, highly scalable micro-mobility solution to complement your community’s existing transportation structure. For more information visit:

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