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Turkey's first car sharing application for only electric vehicles! No kilometer fees, no extra fees! It’s time to replace the traditional transport system and start moving intelligently with our Zorlu Enerji car sharing service. With the free electrip app, you can find electric vehicles in your neighborhood and if you become a member, you can reserve and experience the electric vehicle. electrip brings flexibility, convenience and freedom to urban areas and college campuses for now only for Istanbul, later it will be all over Turkey! Thanks to electrip, you will have the opportunity to share electric vehicle, manage your time and money while collaborating decongesting the city. Make part of this trend Eco-Friendly and give a respite to the city, promoting the reduction of emissions and making a commitment to the environment. Discover the most efficient way to move more throughout Istanbul with Zorlu Enerji! Download the app now. The open road awaits! GREAT THINGS MEMBERS CAN DO WITH ELECTRIP: • Experience unlocking and locking a vehicle with the electrip app only • Reserve an electric vehicle for hourly or daily • Pay only for the hour you rented. No cost per kilometer, no extra fees! • Choose from a variety of vehicles—i3 or Zoe • Sort cars by available time and model • Reserve any available electric vehicle you want • View your upcoming and past trips • Experience unlocking and locking a vehicle with just electrip • Are you in traffic and are you about to exceed your reservation? Extend your reservation on the go and continue using it. What electrip Offers • No need for keys: Guess what with our cutting edge technology you will never need a key. • Easy to Use: Book a car near you and open and close the car only with electrip. • Easily Accessible: Reach your vehicle in the most central locations of the cities. • Comfortable: Experience the quietness of electric vehicles and the size advantages while parking. • Eco-Friendly: Minimize your environmental impact. We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at: [email protected]

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We made updates to our application for you to have the most enjoyable travel experience! Your feedback is very valuable! For all your questions, complaints and suggestions, you can contact us via [email protected] and our call center at 0850 222 99 89.

Latest Version (Download)

electrip – Carsharing for EVs 2.6.64

Date Updated : 2021-04-07