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Help a friendly zombie to become a Human and find his Love

Did you know that Zombies also fell in love? Find out how, with this fun game! A friendly zombie falls in love with a girl and goes to the discovery for Zombium to become human. Download the Zombie Castaways and help this zombie in this quest for the love of your life (or death?). The world of zombies is vast, alive and full of fun characters. Explore magnificent islands and discover the clues to solve the secret of zombies. Grow plants out of the ordinary, fruits and flowers to cook Zombium. Build world-renowned buildings, complete tasks and decorate your island to become a human and find your love. At Zombie Castaways you will find countless zombie workers who will help you work on the island and build your town as lumberjacks, miners, fishermen, treasure hunters and cooks. You can grow dozens of unique plants and create fantastic potions. Travel between the different islands in search of new treasures to finally reach the Land of the Ancestors, become human and return to the human city to find your love. Zombie Castaways is available in about 15 languages ​​with a base of 70 million players worldwide. Follow us on our official Facebook page:

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Hustle and bustle! - Zombie became human! Now it's time to set out to the City of Humans to meet his Love at last… - Don't miss! Ghoulie got an offer to apply for the School of Witches. She has to pass the final exam, Alchemy. You can help her! - Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Zombie Castaways 3.25

Date Updated : 2019-09-10