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☔ Stay ahead of the weather , 📡 Rain Radar , ⛈ Forecast , ⚠️ Alerts, ☀️ Widgets

Trusted by millions of Android users around the world and acclaimed by meteorology fans, Weather 14 Days is the official free App from (Meteored). Featuring its own information using the best forecast model in the world. You can enjoy a modern and original layout based around Google's Material Design to access detailed and highly accurate local weather data quicker and easier than ever before. With over 15 years of forecasting experience, you will plan your calendar without surprises. ★CUSTOMIZATION★ Unlock new Colour Themes by completing our in app Achievements designed to help you make the most of the app by discovering all the available features. Remember, the application automatically changes the colour when the temperature changes! ★WARNINGS AND NOTIFICATIONS★ Receive official weather alerts for your area from MetOffice, including warnings about storms, strong winds and other adverse weather events forecast for the next few hours. In addition, our optimal app Assistant can notify you about important weather changes in the coming days. ★WEATHER RADAR , FORECAST MAPS AND SATELLITES★ Now available! A new animated world forecast map based on the ECMWF showing the weather forecast for the coming days. Access animated weather radar of the last few hours provided by MetOffice along with visible, infrared and water vapor satellite images provided by NOAA. ★FORECAST NEWS★ Check the new section of our news to be up to date of the latest weather events. Be informed about trending topics and the most recent forecast. Furthermore, you can watch impactating videos about severe weather in some places of the world and, last but no least, you will learn about the weather phenomena thanks to our science articles, made by the best experts in meteorology. ★FORECAST★ Check the current conditions along with the forecast for the next 14 days with a simple slide of your finger. Select a day to view detailed hourly information including temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, wind chill, pressure, cloudiness, humidity, sunset and sunrise times and even the phase of the moon. Don't forget to try turning your device sideways to see how the weather will evolve throughout the day with our amazing charts. ★WIDGETS★ After installing the App you can customize your desktop with the most modern widgets currently available. You will have up to 8 widgets available with different sizes and weather data. ★SHARE★ Share weather forecasts with your friends and family anytime you want with whatever device or social network you like to use such as: WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook. ★AVAILABILITY★ Find the most relevent forecast for your current position or search for your favorite locations from over 500,000 all around the world. Available in over 50 countries and 20 languages. By using this app, you accept the Privacy Policy, as well as the terms and conditions of Meteored. Privacy Policy Legal notice

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- New news widget. - Get alerts in your widgets. - Discover another way to check the weather. - Forecast based on ECMWF. ©Meteored. Our support team is always available to help if you with any questions, you can contact us at [email protected]

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