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If you seek financial flexibility and security, VIALET money app and current account are made for you. Setting up your free, digitally-managed international account takes only a few minutes - sign up, verify your account, and order your free contactless Mastercard. VIALET is a licensed (and protected) European private current account that lets you manage your finances from the comfort of your smartphone. We are a secure and modern alternative to regular banking - a mobile money app that gives you full control over your spending. VIALET app is convenient and straightforward - to make your daily transactions and budgeting easier, instead of overcomplicating them. VIALET is available to the residents of the EU and the EEA. However, your contactless Mastercard will work globally, offering free transactions in euros and low exchange rates for other currencies (Mastercard exchange rate plus 1% of the transaction value). The benefits of using VIALET (as opposed to a regular bank): • Speed - you can open your account and order a free Mastercard in less than five minutes, using just your phone. No waiting in lines and no paperwork. • Convenience - you can easily top up your funds, send and receive money, pay with one tap, and instantly see all your transactions on your phone. • Low costs - order your contactless Mastercard free, pay only 1.40 EUR monthly maintenance fee. No hidden fees, no insufficient funds fees, no minimum account balance. Bulletproof security for your finances: • Licensed (and protected) European private current account • An account with fingerprint or passcode login • 3D-secure online purchases • If your card was lost or stolen, block it immediately in the app How does it work? • Download VIALET app and sign up • Verify your account using an EEA Passport or ID • Use your account for receiving and sending money • Order a contactless Mastercard for free (only 1,40 EUR monthly fee) • Activate the card with one tap and use it all over the world

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Sometimes great things are done quietly behind the scenes. This is one of these times. VIALET will keep working just as it used to - or maybe just a little bit smoother. Enjoy!

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Date Updated : 2021-02-12