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We Are Minecraft Say hello to the new community for Minecraft Pocket Edition. a must-have in case you want to download maps, mods, skins, texture packs or upload your own, check out seeds or add your own, edit pixels and play on big MCPE multiplayer servers. In case you don’t know, Minecraft is a building game. It’s a little like LEGO and a little like Lincoln Logs. You take various textured cubes and build what you want. So where does the mining come in? The word “mine” is used loosely here. Gathering up trees is, in a sense, mining. You turn them into wood and then make your own structures. Finding the materials to make your own tools to build the wood into, say, a mansion, is mining too! It’s not just fun, it’s also really creative. You’re limited only by your own brain … and the time you put in. There are plenty of achievements to get as you go along, such as when you make a furnace, open your inventory for the first time or catch a fish. Eventually, you’ll learn to make fire and electricity. If you play a really long time, you might even find the elusive Ender Dragon. So go wild on Minecraft. Build like a modern architect. Build like a steampunk novelist. Build like a pioneer. Build high or long or with moats and forests. Build a Scout jamboree park. Then, tear it all down if you like!

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Thanks for updating to the latest version of UTK! See what’s new:
 * 5 New ranks added⁠: Emerald Miner, Master Miner, Master Fighter, Champion, Champion of the Nether⁠ - climb the ladder and show off your UTK status * Updated Discord server link - join the conversation and connect with fellow miners * Added in-app purchase to permanently remove ads * Fixed Android system notification bar-clipping We hope you enjoy these updates to UTK! Want to get in touch? Drop us a line at [email protected]

Latest Version (Download) for Minecraft PE 1.5.2.RC-GP(9610)

Date Updated : 2021-02-03