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您是否還在煩惱不知道公車何時會到?要搭幾號公車才能到達目的地呢? 由桃園市政府交通局推出的桃園公車App,是您搭乘桃園市公車的隨身必備的最佳選擇。 程式服務功能資訊如下: 1.提供桃園地區市區公車即時動態資訊。 2.提供目前GPS位置附近公車站牌,以及預估到站資訊。 3.提供站牌地圖顯示,結合地圖輕易走至站牌。 4.提供桃園地區最完整的旅程規劃功能。 資料來源:桃園市政府交通局 Are you still worried about when the bus will arrive? How many bus numbers do you have to take to reach your destination? The Taoyuan Bus App, launched by the Taoyuan City Government Transportation Bureau, is the best choice for you to take the Taoyuan City bus. The program service function information is as follows: 1. Provide real-time dynamic information of urban buses in Taoyuan area. 2. Provide bus stop signs near the current GPS location and estimated arrival information. 3. Provide the stop sign map display, combined with the map to easily walk to the stop sign. 4. Provide the most complete journey planning function in Taoyuan area. Source: Taoyuan City Government Transportation Bureau

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1. 修正路線站點內點擊地圖查詢會白畫面問題

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