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DARK THEMES! NO FISHY PERMISSIONS! Boats is the best comic reader app there is for Android. Download Boats today and start reading xkcd for free with our awesome comic viewer. Enjoy! Features: - Read your favorite online comic, now with offline support too! - Get notified when there are new stripes available! - And much more! Boats is FOSS. You can browse the source at https://github.com/Stoyicker/boats-xkcd Any problems? The app is actively maintained with new features and fixes, but if you find something you want to bring attention to, please post your issue here.

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Smaller app. Better strips. Faster app. Less permissions. More GDPR. Faster strips. GIMME ALL THE STRIPS!!

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Boats offline browser for xkcd with dark themes 1.91

Date Updated : 2020-05-26