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Date Updated2021-01-16
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Make music together online. Record instruments, vocals and use loop library.

Plug in your own instrument, use the software instruments available in Soundtrap or just record a song directly with a mic— it's super-easy! You can record, edit and collaborate on your songs wherever you are on almost any device: everything is stored in the cloud! Moreover, with Soundtrap you don't have to be alone in your creative moments. You can share the fun of making music in real-time with friends using text and video chat and real-time collaboration. For example, start a new song using all the built in professional loops and software instruments on your tablet when on the bus, continue on your Chromebook when arriving at home, invite a couple of friends, who are working on Mac and Windows devices, and conduct a video chat from within the studio coming up with the bass line for the song and finally find a didgeridoo player in the Soundtrap community laying down a unique ending of the song; you are all working in the same project seeing and hearing all the changes. Experience the new way of making music together. Soundtrap Features: - Create music with a large set of high-quality, professional loops. - Record vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitar, bass and more. - Use the preamp and the large number of high-quality guitar, bass and vocal effects - Play the built-in sampled instruments (piano, organ, synths, drums) - Save your recordings in the cloud - Invite friends to collaborate on the recording using, for example, video chat possibilities. - Share your recordings on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud - Distribute your music on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Rhapsody and Google Play - Use it on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, iOS and Android

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Soundtrap - Make Music Online 1.9.6

Date Updated : 2021-01-16