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Date Updated2021-01-27
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Kickboxing fighting games: punch boxing champions is the most realistic fighting simulation game. The game is specially designed for boxers & kick fighting lovers. A kickboxing superstar’s career challenges will drive you to take risky shots in the ring. Kick out all the world-class shoot boxers with face to face fights & move quickly in the ring like legend men and women punch boxers and dodge your contestant with your quick left, right, sudden, and strong kick attacks. To enjoy this ultimate fighting experience, get ready, train yourself, enhance your boxing skills and start a real superstar fighting tournament with this ultimate kick fighting game. So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the ring and start your shoot kickboxing tournament for the fighting events. Kickboxing Experience Like Never Before: Kickboxing fighting games: punch boxing champions offer the multi fighting experience to fans in this single game of multi stars kickboxing action. This game combines with action fights & real experience of shoot kickboxing simulation-based purely on the principals of physics, in one single 3d game. Upgrade your punch boxer strength to enjoy the professional shoot kickboxing experience with unlimited fun. Win the battle of an ultimate incredible match in the world champion’s tournament. Fight using a variety of revolutionary tricks such as pins to gain, joint locks, close fighting, throws, and takedowns. Some women boxers might be stronger than they look, so train yourself as a professional boxer to prove your strength as a real shoot kickboxing fighter and show who is the real champion. Exciting Levels and Multiple Gameplay Modes: This kickboxing game offers multiple levels for you to enjoy the never-ending fighting experience. But remember one thing, the opponents are dangerously competitive and stronger than they look. Upgrade your boxing skills master all the tactics and boxing levels in this extreme fighting game. Classic Mode: In classic mode, you have to complete one level after the other, experience face to face fighting by using tactics like joint locks, pins to gains and throws and takedowns, and complete the levels. You have to score enough to unlock the next levels. Knockout Mode: In knockdown mode, you have to win every single match or else you have to start from the beginning. Winning Knockout will increase the power, intensity, and excitement of the royal kickboxing fight. Infinite Battle Mode: In infinite battle mode, there is close end fighting with one opponent after the other but you only have one life. So, try to defeat as many opponents as you can in a single life so that you can earn maximum rewards. Additional Rewards to Just For You: Watch rewarding videos to earn extra coins. This virtual currency can be used to unlock new levels, game modes and players. Each player has different strength and expertise. Upgrade your player to the best to become ultimate kickboxing champion. Kickboxing Fighting Games: Punch Boxing Champions Game Features: Ultimate action-packed shoot kickboxing fighting game Pick between different fighters from all around the world World pro men and women punch boxers in a final fighting tournament Face different kickboxing rivals with pro fighting techniques World heavyweight champions clash against your shoot punch boxer 3d animations and realistic quality sound heat your blood Realistic gameplay based purely on principals of physics Gorgeous graphics and background layouts Heavily crowded audience with women cheerleaders

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World Shoot Boxing: Real Punch Boxer Fighting Game Features:  Ultimate world action packed shoot punch boxing & kick boxing fighting game  Pick between different fighters as per your choice. World pro women punch boxers in final fighting tournament  Face different punch boxing & kick boxing rivals with pro fighting techniques  World heavy weight champions clash against your shoot punch boxer 

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Kickboxing Fighting Games: Punch Boxing Champions 1.7.2

Date Updated : 2021-01-27