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Date Updated2021-01-27
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Match! Match! Hyper Match! Seek and find in this divine adventure with emoji's. A simple tap will take you closer to finishing the game. 250 seconds of 19 levels adventure in this game will surely make your holidays even more fun with family. How about a challenge with your friends and family to see who can complete this short game or be the top scorer! Laser like focus and quick moves will be gifted with sparkling gems. Use those life gems to revive to the level you were thrown off and complete the game. Simply find the emoji from the grid and tap on it to match. It's that simple and fun, once you start playing it. Sentio Tap Emoji is completely free to play. Sentio Tap Emoji features: ♦ 19 short levels with increasing difficulty of course. ♦ Get life gems automatically when you level up, which can be used for revival to the level you were thrown off. ♦ Ample 250 seconds gameplay time to finish all the levels. Before you think anything else, 250 seconds is enough time to complete the game and your victory dance. ♦ Emoji-Emoji-Emoji. Meet different emoji along the journey. ♦ Leaderboards to watch over your friends and competitors. ♦ Easy to sync your game progress across multiple device when connected to the Internet. ❤ Share with your friends & family in this holiday season. Find Sheekore on social media to stay connected. Emoji provided free by

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Holiday update 1 correct match equals to 5 points from now on Performance improvements and some holiday sprinkles

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Sentio Tap Emoji - Hyper Match 2.2.1

Date Updated : 2021-01-27