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SCHNOPSN like in Austria! Download the Schnopsn app and play “Schnapsen” against thousands of active players or the computer. --------- ♠♣♥♦ --------- Schnapsen is a card game well-known in taverns of Austria and other German-speaking regions. The game is also named "Sixty Six","66", "Santase", "Bummerl", "Sechsundsechzig", "Snapszer", "Šnaps", "Soixante-six", "gra karciana" or "Šnops" throughout many countries of central and eastern Europe. ♦ Play Schnapsen with your friends – online or via Bluetooth ♠ Improve your Schnapsen-Skills and get on the top of the Schnopsn highscore lists ♣ Play against the computer in multiple difficulty levels or chat with other players ♥ Enjoy the realistic display of the cards on the table and get the feeling of playing in an Austrian Tavern! --------- ♠♣♥♦ --------- In contrast to card games like Solitaire, you can play Schnopsn alone or with yours friends. It's as easy to learn but you will have to develop good strategies and tactics to beat your opponent. --------- ♠♣♥♦ --------- Privacy Policy URL: Schnopsn App is also available for iOS and Facebook! Check it out on our website:

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- Chat can be continued after game has finished - Smaller improvements and bugfixes

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Schnopsn - Online Schnapsen 1.9991

Date Updated : 2021-03-23