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Expert support, community connection
& exclusive perks.
Possibility starts here.

Discover your possibilities with Samsung Members. In here, you'll discover just what you want, plus a whole world of other things you never knew you needed - until now : ■ Get insider tips to unlock your device's full potential ■ Easily review device diagnostics ■ Access exclusive events and benefits ■ Pose questions directly to the experts and get 1-on-1 customer support ■ Connect and share with others in the community (Availability and services offered above may vary by country and region) ※ Note: This application requires network connection (Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE and so on). Additional charges may apply for network connection.

What's New

• Samsung Members is renewed over all. • Enjoy new community features like the accept solution and the badge. • Manage your device using the more powerful diagnostics feature.

Latest Version (Download)

Samsung Members

Date Updated : 2020-05-25