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Date Updated2021-02-08
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Programming game

Over 1024 levels from very easy 1 minute ones to extremely hard, which could take hours to solve. RoboZZle is a cool programming puzzle game invented by Igor Ostrovsky. Your program will control a robot to collect all items from 2D tri-colored field. You can move, turn, repaint cells and call very short (in most cases) functions. So, you need three instruments to solve robozzles: your mind, your hands, and recursion! First time player, I recommend you to pass site-based tutorial at (which can be done from Windows PC only), since help screen currently contains only textual description. NOTE: This game is known to crash on start on some Lenovo devices! NOTE: The game has a known bug, that prevents it from running on devices, where system interface is set to Turkish. NOTE: This is the 3rd prerelease of an offline client to website and the first version that can synchronize your solutions with This program tries to be ad-supported. You can stop ads from appearing by donating via Settings -> Donate Feel free to leave some feature requests on the web site.

What's New + enable moving app to SD card * research telemetry now removes some ads + search by name * fixed missing puzzles + (optional) telemetry for AI project * step limit no longer ignored (thanks Goetz for reporting) * support devices without hardware menu button + achievements * improved support for low memory devices * improved solutions can now be sent to the server via Share Solutions + donate button (making a donation hides ads forever)

Latest Version (Download)


Date Updated : 2021-02-08