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Date Updated2020-10-29
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Use Prott to capture your idea and make a clickable prototype. In seconds.

Description Prott is a prototyping tool that takes your ideas from first sketch to interactive prototype that works like a real app, in seconds. With an intuitive UI and collaboration capabilities, Prott is the ideal design and communication tool for those interested in working better together, anytime, anywhere. Prott provides four simple steps to rapid prototyping! 1. Sketch your ideas on paper 2. Capture your sketches 3. Add transitions and gestures 4. Preview & Share Prott for android is not a stand alone app, to take your paper prototypes to the next level, check the Web version of Prott. Together with the iOS app, the Prott family gives you the full real-time synched prototyping freedom that you need! Prott promises: ★Ease of use ★Intuitive UI ★Seamless collaboration ★Native prototypes ★Rapid output Great for... ・ UI Designers ・ Web Designers ・ Engineers ・ Students ・ Design teams ・ Directors ・ Developers ・ Product managers ・ Startups When… ・Making Websites ・Building Apps ・Proposing ideas to clients ・Designing user experiences ・User-testing & gathering feedback Prott is free forever and your first project is on us! For more information about features, plans and pricing please visit our homepage. ( ) At Prott, we always love to hear from you! If you have any questions, concerns, feedback, or need help at anytime, please feel free to tweet us @prottapp or reach out at [email protected]. Happy Prototyping! The Prott Team

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Here’s what we worked on in this latest release: - Fixed some bugs If you've got any questions or feedback for us, reach us on chat, email us at [email protected] or tweet us @prottapp!

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Prott - Rapid Prototyping Tool 1.17.0

Date Updated : 2020-10-29