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Welcome to pocket comics™, a world of stories packed into the palm of your hands. We are home to a curated gallery of webcomics created by top storytellers from around the world. Whether your cup of tea is indulging in heart touching narratives or enjoying action packed adventures, we have something for everyone. Our library covers all genres - drama, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, BL/GL, thrillers, and many more. Whatever you seek, we guarantee there’s a story just for you. At pocket comics™, we wanted to create a platform that benefits readers and storytellers alike. ▶︎ An equitable system for artists and writers You can start reading any story for free! After you finish reading free chapters, you can utilize our rental system to continue reading at no cost. Readers can rent new chapters after a certain time has passed (usually 23 hours). You can also purchase chapters to directly support your favorite creators! ▶︎ A curated marketplace to discover meaningful stories Pocket comics is the premier marketplace for webcomics. Our producers and editors are dedicated not only to bringing the best stories to the platform, but also curating tailored content to each user, helping readers discover meaningful stories. ▶︎ An endless supply of new webcomics Pocket comics has updates everyday! Furthermore, new webcomics of various genres will be added to our portfolio every month. For story lovers all around the world, we invite you to take a deep dive into pocket comics™!

What's New

Pocket Comics is adding some exciting new features! Missions: Each day, you will be assigned new missions to attempt! Complete Missions and receive various Gifts! Promotion Gifts: Various promotion Gifts including chapter sales and extra free episodes will be sent to your Gift inbox. Enjoy these promotions with their respective webcomic titles!

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Date Updated : 2021-03-06