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The Constitution of the Philippines (Filipino: Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas) is the constitution or supreme law of the Republic of the Philippines. Its final draft was completed by the Constitutional Commission on October 12, 1986 and was ratified by a nationwide plebiscite on February 2, 1987. Three other constitutions have effectively governed the country in its history: the 1935 Commonwealth Constitution, the 1973 Constitution, and the 1986 Freedom Constitution. The earliest constitution establishing a "Philippine Republic," the 1899 Malolos Constitution, was never fully implemented throughout the Philippines and did not establish a state that was internationally recognized, due in great part to the impending American occupation during its adoption. (Wikipedia) Features: -No internet connection required -Full-Text Search -Simple user interface -Requires Android 4.1 and up Contents: -Full text of the 1987 Constitution -The 1986 Freedom Constitution -The 1973 Constitution: as Amended in October 16-17, 1976, on January 30, 1980, and April 7, 1981. -The 1973 Constitution: draft presented to President Marcos by the 1971 Constitutional Convention on December 1, 1972; deemed ratified by Citizens’ Assemblies held from January 10 to 15, 1973, proclaimed in force by Proclamation by President Marcos, January 17, 1973. -The 1943 Constitution: as approved by the Preparatory Committee on Philippine Independence, September 4, 1943 and ratified by the KALIBAPI Convention, September 7, 1943. -The 1935 Constitution: as amended on June 18, 1940, and on March 11, 1947. -The 1935 Constitution: as approved by the 1934 Constitutional Convention on February 8, 1935, certified by the President of the United States on March 25, 1935, and ratified by plebiscite on May 14, 1935. -The Jones Law of 1916: enacted into law by the United States Congress on August 29, 1916. -The Philippine Organic Act of 1902: enacted into law by the United States Congress on July 1, 1902. -The 1899 Malolos Constitution: approved by the Malolos Congress on November 29, 1898, draft returned by President Aguinaldo on December 1, 1898 for amendments, which the Congress refused; approved by President Aguinaldo on December 23, 1898; formally adopted by the Malolos Congress on January 20, 1899, promulgated by President Emilio Aguinaldo on January 21, 1899.

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