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Date Updated2021-02-08
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Do you love driving big trailer trucks to transport wild animals across the hilly areas? If yes then become an actual truck driver and drive real wild animal cargo truck to rescue across the different parts of the city. Wild animal truck sim 2019 is an amazing game for you with a dare of rear truck driving. Drive the truck through the wild forest, extend to the city and get brave animals like Elephants, Gorilla, Lion, Panther, Leopard, Crocodile, Rhinoceroses & Giraffe to the zoo. In this wild animal transporter truck, your heavy duty is to load up the jungle animal and deliver them carefully by driving trailer truck on safari jungle offroad tracks. Be the best cargo truck driver while driving the animal transport truck. In this zoo animal simulator 3d game, you can enjoy as an animal truck driver with the realistic truck transport. This wild animal truck transporter game has several animals transportation missions in which you have to prove the best truck driver. Accomplish all the challenges on the dangerous offroad and hilly tracks without crashing the truck.

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- Remove More Games Button - Thrilling Driving Levels - Uphill Offroad Driving Tracks - New Trucks

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Offroad Wild Animal Truck Driver 2019 1.3

Date Updated : 2021-02-08