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It is the same day of the week again, the rubbish collection day. Trash bins, Recycle bins are full of rubbish and waste material, after the long weekend. There is no place left in the garbage bins to place more trash. The streets are smelly and stinky. It is time to tidy up. Be a Garbage man for a day for your city, as all these hard working garbo deserves a break, after a long year cleaning up our trash, waste and recycle rubbish in this garbage truck simulator of 2018, one of the best trash truck game out of all the garbage truck games on the store. Wake up early this morning as a offroad garbage truck driver, and get to the city council garbage truck yard. Make sure, that all the hydraulic controls work, and off you go. off road trash truck driving is fun for a day, if you are keen to see your city nice and clean, or we should say clean and green, then you have to make an effort to do so by helping us in this garbage truck simulator of 2018. The map will show you the direction, please keep an eye on the road and watch for the traffic and don’t drive like those crazy garbage truck driver, which you normally get to see on Sunday early mornings. Make sure you get to the exact point, from where you can pick up the rubbish bin, and dispose the rubbish at the rubbish disposal and recycle disposal depot in this city garbage truck simulator. Features: • Stunning off road and city 3D environment. • Smooth and easy to use garbage truck driving controls. • Great animations, when pick up the rubbish bins, best out of all garbage truck games. • Multiple Camera views, assisting you with bins pickups. • Interesting game play, and challenging levels one after the other. • Stunning trash truck dumping animations

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- optimised game play

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Offroad Garbage Truck Simulator Trash Truck Driver 2.8

Date Updated : 2020-10-23