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Date Updated2022-01-13
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Inspired by game of our childhood time of the 90s, with slight modifications to add some excitement, about submarines and planes. Simple, exciting and challenging. Happy nostalgic. How to play, fairly easy, you just need to destroy all of enemy submarines and aircrafts with missiles, torpedoes and water mines, and trying to avoid air bombs, torpedoes and watermines from enemy submarines and aircrafst. More wisely in firing your submarine missiles, torpedoes and mines, because there's time to reload your ammo, so if you're make wrong decision your submarine will be destroyed. But don't worry, there is a help called "Speed Shoot" to minimize the time to reload your ammo. Destroy enemy submarines and aircrafts as much as possible to get the highest score. Have a nice play.

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New Classic Submarines 1.4.3

Date Updated : 2022-01-13