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A hub of written thoughts in fast searchable plain text

What is neutriNote? In a nutshell, all-in-one preservation of written thoughts, be those text, math (LaTeX), rich markdown, drawings, etc., in fully searchable plain text (universal UTF-8). Uncluttered UI Fine-tuned user interface elements to reduce app switching. Accessible search filters for precise navigation to your note contents with minimum taps. Customization Your workflow can be further automated by Tasker, Barcode Scanner, ColorDict, and other add-ons, or by connecting neutriNote's repository to web-based services. Options available to deep configure your note taking process. Backup Multiple ways to backup your notes. Freedom to pick a cloud backend that works for you: open source P2P Syncthing, Dropbox, or third party Google Drive, Box, OneDrive components. Cost Totally free. No hidden permission (see below). Optional add-ons can be purchased to support its development. ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) App Permissions Explained: 1. Location access for location based search 2. Camera access for built-in barcode scanner 3. Storage access for core functions 4. Permission required by Sony devices 1. and 2. can be denied/revoked as needed either from Settings or via Marshmallow's runtime permissions. /X\('-')/X\ Test drive the latest features: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.appmindlab.nano

What's New

2.8.2 * Fixed screen lock up during multi-window mode

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neutriNote: Write Markdown and Math Notes 3.0.4

Date Updated : 2021-01-31