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Date Updated2021-02-28
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Free notepad app. Write, store and share your notes. Includes backup features.

Natural Notes is a free digital notebook for Android smartphones or tablets. We are aware that there are many notepad apps, what makes our different? This is our attempt of combining useful and the easy to use. With Natural Notes you can write, store and share your notes. It is a useful application, natural to use and totally free! You can add, edit, delete and share the notes you add. In addition to using this application as a digital notepad, you can use it to compose and save messages that you can then send by email, SMS and with other applications installed on your device. Just write a note and use the "share" feature. You can even write your tweets to Twitter or Facebook messages ... write down everything you need, Natural Notes stores it for when you want to check your notes or send them. Natural Notes is a free application and without ads. Does not connect to the Internet. This app is not cloud based, so the information you enter into the app will be saved on the internal memory of your device. Your backups use the internal memory. This app needs access permission during backup or restore operations. You, the user, choose the destination where to save the backup copy in Settings. You can open any .txt file on your device with Natural Notes and save it as a note (.txt files you receive via Bluetooth, as an email attach, etc). New design for large tablets. Improved portuguese translation. Thank you Bernardo! Improved french translation. Thank you Philippe! Improved style for large non-Honeycomb tablets. Improved translation into Italian and Portuguese. Version 2.9 If there is no title for the note it will set automatically. Improved design on Android Ice Cream and Jelly Bean versions. Added more options to the new Settings screen. Double tap note text to open edit mode. Added option to insert date and time to text or title name on double tap. More control over your backups: you can now choose the folder on your device in the settings screen. Various bug fixes. Version 4.0 NEW modernized look NEW added list items multiselect on long press NEW improved backup and restore functions NEW added duplicate note function NEW added tips Your comments and suggestions are welcome at [email protected] email

What's New

- modernized look - added list items multiselect on long press - improved backup and restore functions - added duplicate note function - added tips

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Natural Notes 4.0

Date Updated : 2021-02-28