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Dazzling Pixel Shooting RPG

Hero's Town is open! Are you ready? Begin your dungeon raid and get unique experience. Artoo Awaits!!! My Heroes: Dungeon Raid is officially released on 2022.02.16 09:00 UTC-5. But the pre-download is available on 2022.02.15 09:00 UTC-5. Go to download the game in advance so that you won't miss the prime time to play it! My Heroes: Dungeon Raid is a classic pixel-style barrage shooting RPG game. It has refreshing and exciting barrage shooting battles. With a high degree of freedom, players can start adventures in diablo-style buildings and enjoy the growth of in-game character. In addition, heroes can also: [Show fantastic operations in fierce battles] Heroes can hone skills in battles and find the way in the dense barrage. [Team up for wonderful journeys] Find real friends and enjoy battle time with them. You are gonna share unique memories with each other. [Collect gear and strengthen yourself] The game currently contains 5 classes, 176 mythic gears, 88 individual weapons, and 91 professional skills. Try different matches and be the strongest one! [Enjoy multiple and interesting gameplays] Fight in Hunting Grounds and exciting Arena. More gameplays, more fun! [Start colorful adventure life] You can feed and take your own pets on the journey. Outfits, avatars, frames and emoji also light up your adventures. The Hero’s City now is waiting for you! Come on and join us!

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Hero's Town is open! Are you ready?

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My Heroes: Dungeon Raid 9.19.0

Date Updated : 2022-02-28