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MOVE-ME - Plan your route in real time in Lisbon public transports.

** MOVE-ME ONLY WORKS IN LISBON REGION ** MOVE-ME is an application that allows mobile access to global and diversified information about public transports available in Lisbon Area. Fully new in Portugal, MOVE-ME shares to the final user wide and spread information concerning several operators of public transports and allows planning our routes in real time with features like intermodality and real time. Nevertheless, the system allows finding the next departures, consulting the waiting times and destinations that are associated to next vehicles of a place chosen by the user. An integration of maps enables the user to define a localization providing information such as: • What are the nearest stops? • What are the nearest points of interest? • When is the next vehicle to pass in this stop? The route finder helps the user to find the best route to a specific place. The solutions given take into consideration the real time vehicle positions and return the best option for that moment, if the information is available from the provider. The system informs the passing time for each stop, the local place to change and walking route between them.

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Extended validation for year 2019

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Lisboa MOVE-ME 1.1.13

Date Updated : 2021-01-14