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Date Updated2020-05-06
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KgTv Player is an iptv player and channels manager offer new features and new experience with an attractive and simple design, with the feature of drag and drop, and support for different types of devices of various sizes It also has an advanced player advanced internal player that supports most types of streaming and encoding and supports 4K. Application features: --📌 Pop-up window for an independent application that allows you to view any channel, And enjoy the same time using other applications such as Facebook and Google Chrome. --⏰ Super speed when viewing channels and perform other tasks. --🔧 Quality Change System Allows you to choose the quality of the broadcast as appropriate. --🔷 The possibility of changing the place of 📍 and size 📐 player easily and at any time and depending on your taste. --🔍 Channel search system is easy and fast. --⚠ detector errors which reveal 90% of the errors, which helps to solve problems. --✔ Automatic verification system for links provides effort and tiring experience. --🔖 system tags add to the aesthetic application and it organizes the channel list It supports languages and even qualities. --📺 Advanced internal player supports most types of processors. --🔒 support secure communication via the https protocol. --➕ Allows you to add channel listings from a link 🔗 to a file 📁 or to a text file 📄. --✍ Ability to edit ✎ or delete 🗑 channels easily. --♻ automatic debugger for the names of the channels. --⛔ automatic system to remove pornographic channels works by 70%. --🔁 Automatic system to reconnect to the server when a defect occurs. -- 🖥️ fully support for Smart TV and Android Box. -- 🔗 Support system shortcut links ShorTv. -- The ability to export channels in formats: m3u, m3u8, cfg, lst. -- Channels manager with the ability to delete, modify, add, classify. -- Favorite. And much you can discover by yourself 🎁. Note: The application does not contain any channels is a player only!

What's New

-Fix bugs. -Fix the issue where the player stopped after several minutes of playing. -Improving the system of returning to the same channel . -Add counter of streaming cache duration. -Fix some errors in the export system. -Fix the issue of loading of some playlists.

Latest Version (Download)

KgTv ♛ Player 3.5

Date Updated : 2020-05-06