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Simple, high-quality video calls for smartphones and tablets

Keep in touch with your friends with Google Duo. Video chatting has become one of the best ways to share moments and have conversations with your friends and family. Google Duo steps in and offers you the simplest way to contact everyone you love, wherever you are. Google Duo’s interface is straightforward, clean and intuitive. There are no unnecessary features or complicated menus. A few simple clicks and you’ll be video chatting in no time. Of course, one of the most important aspects of Google Duo is its reliable video quality. The app’s top priority is for it to work smoothly, whether you’re using Wi-Fi or your Internet data or whether you’re calling someone with a different brand of smartphone or someone with the same phone you have. Google Duo is all about stability. Video calls aren’t always an option though, and Google Duo knows that. You could be in a public space or simply want to make a quicker, normal call. Google Duo allows you to make simple phone calls whenever you want. So don’t worry, there are always different options for you to call your friends and family. Bond with your friends and start more personal conversations with the help of Google Duo.

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Google Duo 52.0.243391789.DR52_RC05

Date Updated : 2019-09-01