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Play beautiful with a newer, better, and faster FIFA experience on mobile!

FIFA 16 UT is the newest and most realistic FIFA experience for your android phone and lets you experience football like never before. A whole new engine has been built for FIFA 16 UT and the graphics have never looked so good on the small screen. The players’ movements and physics have also been reworked, making it look and feel like real life. The goals are more thrilling than ever before the controls are tight and responsive the player interactions are life-like your opponents will be fierce and smart and new celebration animations can be triggered after scoring a goal. FIFA 16 UT has now the option to play with the Enhanced Hybrid Controls to let you play like a pro and control the ball with precision. But you can also take the backseat and analyze and control the game from the side of pitch. Manage your team and build it just the way you want. Earn money, trade players and hire the biggest football stars. You can even choose everything about your team’s tactics: formation, play style, player chemistry, etc. Real life events will happen simultaneously in FIFA 16 UT, with its Dynamic Accomplishments. Play important events the way you want. You have 10.000 players from 500 different licensed teams to choose from. Now go play against other players, in real arenas from all over the world. FIFA 16 UT is a constant challenge and rewards you for taking on its goals. Trade your players and items to unlock bigger and better rewards. Master the art of deal making. FIFA 16 UT is the ultimate football simulator game, an all-in-one package you can take and play anywhere you want. Become a football legend!

What's New

Want to show off your skills on the pitch like never before? Update now to check out our all-new, bite-sized Skill Games feature. Here’s how it works: Choose your daily challenge – from shooting, ground passing, and dribbling, to crossing, penalties, and more. Then, pick the right player for each challenge and get in there! Beat the challenge to earn rewards! Thanks for playing FIFA 16 Ultimate Team!

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FIFA 16 UT 2.1.108792.4

Date Updated : 2019-05-29