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FOCUS ON THE ESSENTIALS Download "Distraction Free" icon pack right now IF you like your Stock icons BUT you DON'T care about the useless graphics such as monochrome backgrounds! Distraction Free focuses on the essentials by removing useless parts of the stock icons and by giving a vintage spectrum of colors. Your icons will be bigger with only essential elements! That's all what we care about :-) WE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU - 3700+ icons are already supported for 3800+ app activities - 196 wallpapers - Dozens of bonus icons - Long Term Support - 28 Clock widgets - ALL icon requests are accepted and regular updates - Responsive themers. Contact us if you have troubles using our icon pack! LAUNCHER COMPATIBILITY We use Candybar as a base to get a dashboard. Several launchers are mentioned as compatible but here is below a more precise list based on my own experience. I tested all these launchers manually. Please tell me if I made a mistake or if you tried other launchers, thank you! The choice of the category depends on: - basic icon pack support - the icon pack can be applied from our dashboard - the default shape of the icon mask is supported 1 - FULL SUPPORT Note: you can apply the icon pack from the dashboard and all features are working as expected ADW launcher, Nova launcher and Smart launcher 2 - ALL FEATURES BUT THEY HAVE TO BE APPLIED FROM THEIR OWN SETTINGS Note: all features are working well but you will have to apply the icon pack from the settings of the launcher. Not a big deal :-) Evie launcher, Hyperion launcher, Apex launcher, Flick launcher, Lawnchair launcher, Microsoft (preview) launcher, Nougat N+ launcher, Lucid launcher, M launcher, Posidon launcher, Solo launcher, 3D live launcher, Apolo launcher, Yandex launcher, CC launcher, Final interface, Niagara launcher, O launcher, One S10 launcher, Pear launcher, Pie launcher, Square home and Total launcher. 3 - THEY ONLY SUPPORT ICON PACKS, NOTHING ELSE. POOR USER EXPERIENCE. Note: Both icon masking features won't work. Depending on the launcher, I've been very disappointed. Please do not blame us if you are using these launchers. We can't do anything… Either the default shape of the icon mask is not applied or it's applied above the original icon so we no longer see it… Action launcher, Holo launcher, Poco launcher, Blackberry launcher, GO Ex launcher Z, C launcher, Apex launcher classic, Arc launcher, ASAP launcher, Ceri launcher, Line launcher (dodol), Galaxy S launcher, KISS launcher, Lean launcher and Rootless Pixel launcher. About Arc launcher and ASAP launcher, users have to unlock the premium features to apply an icon pack so I have no idea if the icon mask works. 4 - NO ICON PACK SUPPORT Note: Switch to a better launcher right now! :-) C launcher, Apus launcher, Bliss launcher, CMM launcher, HiOS launcher, IOS launcher, Launcher for Win 10, Launcher 3, Light Android launcher, PlusOne launcher and Trebuchet launcher. Get in touch: • Twitter: • Telegram: • Email: osheden (@) THANK YOU FOR USING OUR ICON PACKS AND SUPPORTING OUR WORK NEED HELP? If you need help PLEASE contact us by email, Twitter or Telegram. We often need additional information so PLEASE do NOT use the review system to report a bug. REFUNDS You can get a refund within 2 hours from mobile and 48 hours from desktop (if it was your 1st purchase). You can also drop us an email with your order ID (GPA....).

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