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You can jump and bunny hop in fps mode with bhop pro. You can prove that you are really a bhop master with the scores and durations you will get. You must continuously turn right or left and synchronously jump at the same time to be able to do successful bunny hops. Bhop Pro is a portable mobile bhop style jumping game. You can get new rankings by doing parkour quests. If you can really do it, you will be a 'bhop pro'. Most realistic bunny hop game for android ! Do you ever wanted to test your bhop skills on your android device. Bhop pro just updated to provide the most realistic bunny hop experience on your mobile. What is bunny hop ? Bunny hop is a tecnique to gain more speed by using air strafing. You need to manage your movements in air to gain speed and try not to lose control. Bhop pro starts with easy bunny hop maps. You won't need any tutorial or tips to get started. Bunny hopping is easy to start but hard to master. VERSION 1.6 UPDATES New Deathrun Mode In-game Online Chat New Maps: Ski, Arena, Eztrap VERSION 1.5 UPDATES New Speedrun Mode Online Multiplayer (Alpha) New Maps: Mood, Careful, Ether, Niwa, Beyond Space, Airdrop, Blocks, Serenity, Pillar New Knife Skins: Spitfire, Break, Guardian, Monster Booster Case VERSION 1.4 UPDATES New Infinite Mod New Maps: Columns, Helena, Cyberpunk, Lava Karambit Scratch M9 Bayonet Fire New items available in case opener New M9 Bayonet Aura New Operation Ice World (Map Name: Iceworld) New surf map Nova new glove case new spinner case new 10 gloves skins new 10 hand spinner skins new infinity map added to the parkour mod. (beta) NEW GLOVE SKINS Delta Force, Mercenary, Military, North, Swat, Bhopool, Bluestar, Joke, Crown, Fairy NEW HAND SPINNER SKINS Skull, Wood, Pretty, Ironaqua, Carbon, Camo, Royal, Fire, Arrow, Danger VERSION 1.3 UPDATES New Operation: Safe Bounce New knife case (case simulator) Karambit skins Portal System Random Mode Butterfly knife added. New player skin. NEW BUTTERFLY KNIFE SKINS default, forest camo, desert camo, snake, koi, ruby, saphire, emerand, tiger, suicide NEW KARAMBIT SKINS default, forest camo, desert camo, snake, koi, ruby, saphire, emerand, tiger, hotline SURF MAPS rainbow, night, northern, snow, neon, tundra, maori, hyde, alp, throne, nova VERSION 1.2 UPDATES SURF MODE (surf map beta) NEW M9 BAYONET SKINS default, forest camo, desert camo, snake, koi, ruby, saphire, emerand, tiger, razor NEW BUNNY HOP MAPS stone, line, sky, mechanic, reactor, slim, rekt, bunnywood, maple, rush, trap, dungeon VERSION 1.1 UPDATES - New maps added - Game dynamics improved - New rank system - Added competitive mode - Map selection feature - Added screenshot sharing NEW BUNNY HOP MAPS Base, Aqua, Pyramid, Forest, Hell NEW RANKS - Silver I - Silver II - Silver III - Silver IV - Silver Bhoper - Silver Bhoper Master - Gold Bhoper I - Gold Bhoper II - Gold Bhoper III - Gold Bhoper Master - Master Bhoper 1 - Master Bhoper 2 - Master Bhoper Elite - Distinguished Master Bhoper - Legendary Bhoper - Legendary Bhop Master - Supreme Bhoper First Class - The Bhop Pro

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bhop pro 1.9.5

Date Updated : 2021-01-31