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Facilitating access to Yemeni mobile companies

Now with the application of Yemeni mobile companies: Facilitate users: * Yemen Mobile Services * You can activate 3g Yemen Mobile service with the click of a button. * You can activate the Internet packages with the click of a button. * You can pay the bill and recharge your credit through the shipping cards with the click of a button. * You can subscribe to other services with the click of a button. WY Services * Services of SabaFon * MTN Services * Paying ADSL through the cards Yemen Mobile Services Directory Directory of Savon Services MTN YEMEN Services Directory Yemen Services Directory Yemen Mobile Companies Code Guide Code of Yemeni telecom companies Yemen Mobile Code Yemen Telecommunication Services Code This application also offers you many POS services, the most important of which are: 1- Instant shipper services (credit transfer service, card transfer, bill payment, balance inquiry, password change, daily reports). 2. Instant shipper service 3. Instant shipper service 4- Intelligent charger service 5 - conversion of ordinary units from one number to another 6. Activation of new numbers through points of sale 7 - Issuing numbers instead of loss through the point of sale 8 - activate the Internet packages directly to the customer All POS services are used through a special segment of the company to use their services .. For more information see the company  It is easy to point-of-sale the process of paying the phones from any local network and shorten the distances by activating their bouquets and pay their phone line and pay the Internet subscription (Yemen Net) to provide effort and fatigue by paying all services without any commissions added to the official price of local companies * And other services of other Yemeni telecommunications companies Keywords: Comprehensive Shipping and Activation Instant Mobile Charger The Smart Charger Activate bouquets and slides For clarification of permissions: 1 - Camera - to use the barcode service at points of sale - activate the slides 2 - Reading names: In order to retrieve your registered numbers from contacts when using some services such as: Balance transfer - Contact me - and others 3. Communication and sending messages: In order to implement network services such as activating bouquets and others 4. Internet: to access the sites of companies Please evaluate the program

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