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Alice has been living happily in her castle inside the magical world, but the mighty wizard Darold M. will definitely not accept that. He will soon punish Alice and the dragons who helped her. Alice will have to run away, this time in the footsteps of three wizards who were once Darold's friends. It will be a dangerous journey full of quests. Welcome to the third part of the game about Alice, the witch! Thank you for all the support you gave us during the first two stories. We appreciate it very much! This time you can expect an adventurous journey, full of spells and magical objects. There will also be a lot of thinking about how to overcome all the obstacles and dangers. But in the third part too, you can use our SuperHelp in the menu, which will help you whenever you need it. In English Double the length compared to the first part Classic adventure game (adventure, point and click) New from A friendly price, which will support further game development Help: In the menu you can get help for any location in the game, you can also find your collected items there and you can turn the music and sounds on and off or restart the game.

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New languages.

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Alice and the Magical Islands 1.2

Date Updated : 2020-08-01